thermoelectric Cooler TEC 12704 Peltier


Peltier module is commonly used as a cooling apparatus in the electronic products, home appliances, industrial products & others.

TES1-12704 is 15.4v 3A 46.4W 30x30mm Semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier TES1-12704


Ceramics thermoelectric Cooler semiconductor module TES1-12704 
Can be used in refrigerator,Portable cooling car box,
Liquid Cooling,Temperature stabilizer etc. 
No need to move internal parts when in transit 
Solid state, vibration free, noise-free 
Should use with a heat sink 
Simple to install and operate 
Long life time 
Slim and compact 
Model number: TES1-12704 
Voltage: 12V 
Couples: 127 
Umax (V): 15.2 
Imax (A): 4 
QM(W):36.5 W 
Material: Ceramics 
Cable length: 20cm 
Color: White 
Dimension: Approx.30mm x 30mm x 3.2mm 

Kit include:

1 x   Slim TES1-12704

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7 JD
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