1 Channel ac 220V Optocoupler Isolation Module for PLC


Output TTL level can be detected with the microcontroller. The power supply can be 3-5V
Can also access PLC24V level
Then the PLC input terminal of the PLC COM power supply 24V input termination of the board signal output OUT, optocoupler board GND power negative
Blue 2P 5.0 terminal connected to 220V voltage
3P terminal connected to the microcontroller input


  • When the power module in the power of the board after the white wire frame can not touch any device .. because it is high voltage. Note the safety of electricity.


  • Board Size:73*15mm
    Functuon:Testing whether AC 220V is existed
    Ouput TTL Level:can use SCM to test,voltage is 3-5V
    Adaptive to PLC 24V level

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