10KG Load 80mm Omni Mecanum Wheel with 4pcs 12V DC Encoder Motor


10KG Load 80mm Omni Mecanum Wheel with 4pcs 12V DC Speed Encoder Motor for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Robot Car STEM Toy Parts

Package Included:

4pcs 80mm mecanum wheel 4pcs couplings 4pcs 12V dc motor with encoder 4pcs motor bracket 4pcs motor cables screws

Motor Parameters:

No-load current: 120mA Rated torque: 3.5KG.CM No-load speed: 330rpm Rated speed: 250rpm Rated current: 1A Maximum torque: 5KG.CM Stop current: 2.3A

Encoder Parameters:

Type: AB phase incremental hall encoder Wire Speed: 360 Supply power: 3-5V Interface Type: PH2.0mm Function: Speed Feedback.


This Mecanum wheel can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the direction of each wheel. With All-metal gearbox, 4pcs 12V 330rpm DC decelerate motors with encoder. 4pcs can load weight 10KG Free arduino source code.

100 JD
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