16 Channel RS485 Relay Module Modbus RTU Control Switch Board for PLC


1: DC 12V power supply 

2: Standby current (all relays closed) 13MA, 1 relay open 41MA, 2 relays open 69MA, 3 relays open 95MA,4 relays open 122MA,5 relays open 148MA,6 relays open 174MA, 7 relays open 198MA,8 relays open 225MA.etc
3: ''open'' ''close''  ''Momentary'' ''Self-locking'' ''Interlock'' ''Delay'' 6 Commands
4: Two instruction-control mode : MODBUS RTU command and AT command
5: Under the ''Delay'' command ,the maximum delay is 255 seconds;
  Under the AT command ,the maximum delay is 9999 seconds
6 MODBUS commands can be made serial HyperTerminal (serial assistant)  OR ''Modbus Poll'' Enter; AT commands can be made serial HyperTerminal (serial assistant) Enter;
7 Under the MODBUS command mode, it can support up to 64 devices in parallel
8 The default baud rate is 9600BPS. The baud rate can be selected through jumpers: 2400 4800 9600 19200BPS
9  Size: 180 * 72 * 20mm(Only PCB Board);184 * 88* 42mm(with Din Rail Box)
10 Weight: 230g(Only PCB Board);358g(with Din Rail Box)
11 Maximum load: 10A / 250VAC, 10A / 125VAC, 10A / 30VDC, 10A / 28VDC, 10A / 12VDC

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