30CM 5M Portable Photosensitive Dry Film for Producing PCB Board


30CM 1M Portable Photosensitive Dry Film for Circuit Photoresist Sheet for Plating Hole Covering Etching for Producing PCB Board


Universal used in producing PCB board, attach on the PCB surface to make it photosensitive.

Suitable for electroplating, hole covering and etching.

Great hole covering ability.

High resolution.

Great adaptive capacity to different material.

Durable in pH 8.0-8.5 situation.

1.5mil dry film fully covers a 0.25inch height hole.

Suitable for usual plating bath, no wrinkle or color error.



Width: approx. 30 cm/11.81"

Length: approx. 100 cm/39.37"


Operating Steps:

1. Remove the cover.

2. Clean the surface, then attach the film carefully, be sure to make it flat and leave no air.

3. Iron the film slightly to fix it.

4. Print the PCB film to ensure precision, or use parchment paper instead.

5. Put the printed pattern on the photosensitive board to expose. The dry film will turn into deep blue from light blue.

6. Develop: Remove another film, put it into developer water. Wipe the board when developing. (1 developer water: 100 water)

7. Etch.

8. Demould after etching is finished. Put the board into demoulding water for several minutes. (1 demoulding water: 60/70 water)

Kit include:

1 X 5 Meters Photosensitive Dry Film

16 JD
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