35mm diameter NFC tag NTAG213 electronic tag mobile phone pendant


Achieved by simply setting as long as your mobile phone touch the NFC labelthat can keep the mobile phone to be automatic action the tasksFor example:set up the alarm clocksend text messagesopen the bluetoothswitch modeopen the web pageOpen musicClose bluetoothshare business card... still have a lot of interesting things waitting for you!!


  • Support most of smart phones with NFC functionexcept for BlackBerryNexus 4/10Lumia.
  • Brand Smart phone: SonyHTCSamsungNokiaLG and other mobile phone could support NFC function.
  • Andriod system Phone could download the NFC softwaresuch as the Google play NFC Task LauncherNFC ReTag Pro Security Software.


  • Access control attendance membership managementmobile paymentticketssubwaybusetc.

DIY NFC function:

If you intersted in Realize that you want to do the special function for the 4 colors tags.

Now we will teach you how to DIY NFC function:(Android system smart mobile phone)

[NFC Tag Writer & Reader]download add:


  • Buy one PCs of 4 colors tagsand open the cell phone NFC functionon the desktop to set up a small icon Xperia smart labels
  • Open the NFC line graph Writer and Reader "software
  • Click on "WRITE"
  • Click on the "URL"
  • Get rid of the original sitechange now the website is as follows:
  • Blue label: semc: / / liveware/A1/1 / NT1/1 / smarttags1
  • Red tag: semc: / / liveware/A1/1 / NT1/2 / smarttags1
  • Black label: semc: / / liveware/A1/1 / NT1 / three/smarttags1
  • White label: semc: / / liveware/A1/1 / NT1/4 / smarttags1
  • 6) Click on "WRITE"
  • 7)In the position of the mobile phone behind the middle rdi scanning NFC labeluntil the popup "back line graph..." tip
  • 8)After promptingkeep NFC label position unchangeduntil "NFC line graph there has writen"a homemade NFC label is ready.


  • Chip: Ntag203
  • Block storage: capacity for 144byte EEPROM
  • Working frequency :13.56 MHZ
  • Reading and writing distance:0 to 5 cm
  • Read from related to use of environment and the read/write device power (such as: circular posted on a mobile phone battery read from 20 mm / 15 ~ 20 mm; can be used with NFCspeakingreading and writing.)
  • Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms
  • Working temperature: 20  to 55 degreehumidity of 90%)
  • Erase times : > 100000 times
  • Data  storage:> 10 years

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