Waterproof NFC sticker NTAG213


Compatible with all the NFC enabled mobile phones best quality cool smart NFC TAGS NTAG213 NFC rfid  tag lable universal NFC stickers for all NFC mobile phone

support ALL the Android smart phones!! HTCSamsungLG include blackberry. Nokia LumiaNexus 4/10Galaxy S4and other mobile phone.


  • same with  Sony's XepriaSamsung TecTile  function.
  • label is blank with no datayou can download some free softwaresuch as "NFC Task Launcher" edit the labelthe label can be repeatedly erased 100000 timesrest assured to play!
  • Android NFC phone system can go to Google Play NFC reader to download the appropriate softwareAndroid Market where there are a lot of free software.


Please pre-install the "NFC Tasks" and "NFC Tools" on your cell phone before use. You can download them from Google Play or below address:


  • Chip Type: NTAG213 
  • Storage capacity: 144byte
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Baud rate: 106 Kboud
  • Reading distance: 0-5 cm (depending on the RFID reader performance)
  • Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms
  • Working temperature: -20 to 55 degreehumidity of 90%
  • Erase times : > 100000 times
  • Data storage :> 10 years
  • Production standards: ISO 14443A

Kit include:

1 x NFC sticker NTAG213 

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