5V/DC7-28/ ESP8266 WIFI 4 Channel 30A Relay Module ESP-12F Development Board


Esp8266 four way 30A relay development board is equipped with ESP-12f Wi-Fi module, I/O ports are all led out, and supports DC 7 - 28v / 5V power supply mode. It is suitable for esp8266 secondary development and learning, smart home wireless control and other occasions.


NC: normally closed end, the relay is short circuited with com before closing and suspended after closing.
COM: public end. 
No: normal opened end, the relay is suspended before closing, and it is short circuited with com after closing.


1. Mature and stable esp-12f Wi-Fi module on board, large capacity 4m Byte Flash.
2. I / O port of Wi-Fi module and UART program download port are all led out, It is convenient for secondary development.
3. The power supply mode supports dc7-28v / 5V.
4. On board Wi-Fi module RST reset button and a programmable key.
5. Esp-12f supports the use of eclipse / LDE and other developers provide the reference program for Arduino development environment.
6. On board 4-way 5V / 30A relay, output switch signal, to control the load whose working voltage is within AC 250V / DC 30V.
7. On board power indicator, 1 programmable led and relay indicator.
8. Board size: 122.5 * 87mm
9. Weight: 160g

GND, Rx, TX and 5V of burning and writing port esp8266 are respectively connected with GND, TX, RX and 5V of external TTL serial port module. When downloading, 00 needs to be connected with GND, and then disconnect 00 from GND after downloading. 

Kit include:

1 x Relay Module

26 JD
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