Blue McNamum Wheel 80MM


80mm-A Mecanum Wheel Compatible with 6.7mm Coupling (Pack of 4)-Blue

These high-quality, 80mm-A Mecanum Wheel Compatible with 6.7mm Coupling is designed to add 360º maneuverability to your project vehicles with easy turning and direct lateral movement. Each wheel consists of 9 rubber rollers and these rollers are placed between two plastic plates. You can make very high-quality and high-end projects by using these wheels. You can use Mecanum wheel technology in all your projects, from your industrial projects to your hobby projects.

  1. Color: Blue
  2. Quantity: 4 (2 x Right +2 x Left)
  3. Weight: 95g
  4. Inner diameter: 4.4mm
  5. Outer wheel diameter: 80mm
  6. Thickness: 37mm
  7. Captive Screw Diameter: M3
  8. Captive Screw Head Diameter: 5mm
  9. Number of lower wheels: 9
  10. Carrying capacity: can bear 10kg (4 together)


  • High-quality rubber for big friction force, smooth tire operation process without the jump, and noise is small.
  • The latest mecanum wheels for omnidirectional movement and allow your robotics to not only travel forward and backward, but also side to side. Perfect for tight spaces.
  • This robot Mecanum wheel is compatible with building blocks and TT motors.
  • The outside of the wheel is an artificial wheel shape, the color Blue, which brings a more three‑dimensional appearance.
  • The packing includes 2 left and 2 right 80mm mecanum wheels.

Kit include:

2 x Blue Mecanum Wheel 80mm-Right

2 x Blue Mecanum Wheel 80mm-Left

20 JD
In stock

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