Colorduino LED RGB Dot Matrix Driver


Colorduino is a magic RGB LED dot-matrix driver compatible with Arduino . Colorduino pairs the M54564 with a single DM163 constant current driver. By using the DM163, Colorduino gains three 8+6-bit channels of hardware PWM control of the LED’s freeing up the MCU from having to implement it in software. This gives the ATmega328 more CPU bandwidth for performing other tasks.

Mutiple Colorduino boards can be cascade to create an array of LED Dot Matrix modules. All controlled via a single I2C bus.

There are many projects on the internet describing how to use it with Arduino, STM32, PIC, Raspberry Pi and other popular platforms..


8bits colors support with 6bits correction for each color in every dots

Hardware 16MHz PWM support

Without any external circuits, play and shine

Dedicated GPIO and ADC interface

Hardware UART and IIC communication with easy cascading

24 constant current channels of 100mA each

8 super source driver channels of 500mA each

20 JD
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