DC Motor Driver DC 3-36V H Bridge MOSFET IRF3205 15A Peak 30A Maximum


The drive performance of these non-L298 motor drive chips can be compared. The drive focuses on current and efficiency, effective motor power and battery life. It can withstand high current overloads up to 30A. This drive also has a brake function that stops the motor quickly, brakes quickly, and the brakes are obvious, making it easy to implement this function. The driver uses all two half-bridge driver chips + low-resistance N-channel MOSFET components. Complete the reliable drive mode of the two half-bridge driver chips to minimize the switching losses of the MOSFET. Improve power utilization. The MOSFET driver chip is equipped with a hardware brake function and power feedback. This driver is a superior integrated solution for integrated low-power chip solutions and other half-bridge power margins and complex problems and complementary drive issues. The IRF3205 MOSFET uses two dedicated half-bridge driver chips to use a bootstrap capacitor on the upper tube, allowing the MOSFET channel with sufficient drive voltage to quickly open, improve motor acceleration curvature, and fast motor braking. This allows the trolley to be started quickly and can be braked quickly. The driver can operate from 0% to 99% of the duty cycle of the PWM modulation, and the motor drive voltage can be fully obtained.


Rated voltage: 3 -36 V (It can be customized according to user)

Rated current: 15A

Peak current: 30A

Use: Freescale smart car competition undergraduate electronic design competition various DC motor control circuits

Size: length 108mm, width 58mm


Note: The industry-level motherboard does not provide a circuit diagram.  


Motor forward rotation: DIR = 1 PWM = PWM

Motor reversal: DIR = 0 PWM = PWM

Parking brake: DIR = X PWM = 0 (X is any state)

Motor and power connection

POWER is connected to the positive supply and GND is negative. Two motors connected to MOTOR1, MOTOR2

Kit include:

1 x 3-36V Dual 15A H-Bridge DC Motor Driver 30A for Robot/Car Arduino Compatible

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28 JD
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