DE088 HOT DD30CRTA Car Lead Acid Battery Charger 12V Charging Device 3A


  1. Power supply voltage: 15-28VDC(Recommended 16-25VDC)
  2. Over  Charge Voltage is 14.8V
  3. Float Charge Voltage is 13.55V
  4. Maximum charge current: 3A
  5. Quiescent current: about 1.8mA
  6. High PWM Switching Frequency:300KHz
  7. Operating Ambient Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
  8. Size: 66 x 20x 12mm
  9. Weight: 9g

شرح :

The DD30CRTA is a PWM switch-mode battery charger controller for a 12V lead-acid battery in a small package using a few external components. The DD30CRTA is specially designed for charging 12V lead-acid battery with trickle charge, constant current charge, over-charge and float charge mode. In over-charge and float charge mode, the regulation voltage is internally set.
The constant charge current is programmable with a single sense resistor.
 Deeply discharged batteries are automatically trickle charged at 17.5% of the programmed constant charge current until the cell voltage exceeds 75% of the regulation voltage in over-charge mode. The over-charge is terminated once the charging current drops to 38% of the constant charge current, then DD30CRTA will enter float charge mode. A new charge cycle automatically restarts if the battery voltage falls below 83.95% of the over-charge voltage in float-charge mode. DD30CRTA will automatically enter sleep mode when the input voltage is lower than the battery voltage.
Other features include under-voltage lockout and indication, etc.
1: The Regulation Voltage in Over Voltage Mode and Float Charge Mode
The regulation voltage VOC at BAT pin in overcharge mode is set at 14.8V(Typical) with ±1.5% accuracy.
In float charge mode, the regulation voltage VFLOAT at BAT pin is 91.57% of that in overcharge mode, which is 13.55V(Typical).
Trickle Charge Mode At the beginning of a charge cycle, if the battery voltage is below 75%×VOC, the charger goes into trickle
charge mode with the charge current set at about 17.5% of the constant current.
2: End-of-Over Charge Current
When the battery voltage approaches the over-charge voltage, the charger goes into the overcharge mode. In
overcharge mode, the charge current start to decrease and when the charge current drops to 38% of constant
charge current, the charger goes into float-charge mode.
3: Float Charge Mode
After the overvoltage charge is terminated, the charger goes into float charge mode. In float charge mode, the
battery voltage is regulated to 91.57%×VOC, namely 13.55V(Typical). Float charge mode can compensate for
the loss of battery power due to self-discharge or external loading.
4: Automatic Battery Recharge
In float mode, if both the battery and the input power supply (wall adapter) are present, a new charge cycle will
begin if the battery voltage drops below 83.95%×VOC due to self-discharge or external loading.
A new charge cycle can also be started manually by plugging off the input supply and reapplying it.


  1. Fixed Over-Charge Voltage
  2. Overcurrent protection
  3. Automatic Conditioning of Deeply Discharged Batteries
  4. Automatic Recharge
  5. Charger Indication
  6. Battery Overvoltage Protection
  7. Suitable for 1-10000AH 12V Lead-Acid Battery charger



  1. Car battery charging
  2. Solar battery charging
  3. Loudspeaker
  4. Lead-Acid Battery Charger
  5. Electric Bicycle Charger
  6. UPS
  7. Portable Industrial and Medical Equipment
  8. Standalone Battery Chargers

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