DS5160 270 Degree Metal Large Torque Waterproof and Fire-proof Digital Servo Torque: 60KG


DS5160 60kg 270 Degree RC Digital Servo High Torque Servo Metal Gear Robot Servo 7.4V with 18T Servo Arm for RC Robot Car




1. The best use voltage is 7.4v.

It is recommended to use 2s battery for power supply (6v-8.4v)         

2. The working angle of the servo is 270 degree (PWM: 500us-2500us)

Some remote controls can only output 1000-2000, it is recommended to buy 270 degree.


  • Size: 65*30*48mm (servo)
  • Weight:162g
  • Wire length:320mm
  • Speed: 0.17sec/60 degree at(6v)
    •               0.15sec/60 degree at(7.4v)
    • 0.13sec/60 degree at(8.4v)
  • Torque:
    • 58kg.cm.at (6v)
    • 65kg.cm.at (7.4v)
    • 70kg.cm.at( 8.4v)
  • Voltage: 6v-8.4v
  • Dead Zoon setting: 3 Microseconds


- Durable Metal Gear 

- Dual Ball Bearing

- Programmable Digital Amplifier with Mosfet Drive

- Bottom Side Axial Mount Hole

- Original factory product

- Less Noise  

-Contains: Long Holder Aluminum & Short Holder Aluminum & Circle Holder - Orientation Angle: maximum 270 deg

-Mechanical Angle: 360 deg

(Plug/Output wheel/Radio control system compatible with Futaba JR Hitec)

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49 JD
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