ESP8266 Serial WiFi Training Board


FCC CE certification may be too strong anti-interference open three-way distance of 400 meters PWM 6-way general IO AD all leads all the way!

  • 1 mobile client installed on the phone IOT.APK Apple released later
  • 2 module ends with ESP8266FLASHER download software to update the firmware to the module
  • 3 Replace the batterymobile search to a network router AI-THINKER
  • 4 join the router (the router module form) password is: ai-thinker
  • 5 can use the phone after adding the success of the direct control module.
  • After the above steps:
  • 1 control module with the phone directly APthen control the dimming switch IO
  • 2 basis or on a further step to enter the configuration menuenter the home network
  • 3 Once the module links on the home networkthe module will automatically mount servers
  • The above step 1 can be without any routerthe phone directly control module
  • Step 2 WIFI control module can use the phone at home
  • Step 3 Once the module is mounted to the serverthe phone can be anywhere
  • 2G 3G 4G network with traffic control.

Function Description:

  • 1 full IO port leads directly to support AT and internal product development ESP8266
  • 2 shielded caseraise a level of stability
  • 3 supports 3-way PWM 6 AD and all the way along the road IO speed UART
  • 4 firmware upgradeavailable client (phone or PC) to directly control PWM IO or without external MCU UART
  • 5 test panels can be used to upgrade
  • The test board uses:
  • 1 test of the stability of ESP-12.
  • 2 as a low-cost minimum system for learningAT commands can be developed or SDK download

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