ESP8266 Wireless WIFI 1 Channel Relay ESP-12F Wifi Board AC90-250V DC7-12V


AC/DC power ESP8266 WIFI single relay ESP-12F Dev board comes with onboard ESP-12F WiFi module, I/O orifice full lead, support AC90-250V/DC7-12V/USB 5V etc. many supply power ways. Provide Arduino develop environment reference code, suit for ESP8266 secondary development study, smart home wireless control.


  • Onboard Mature and stable ESP-12F Wi-Fi module, high capacity 4M Byte Flash
  • The I/O port of the Wi-Fi module and the UART program download port are all extracted, convenient secondary development
  • Onboard AC-DC switch power module, supply power way support AC90-250V/DC7-12V/USB5V
  • Onboard  Wi-Fi module RST reset button
  • ESP-12F support use Eclipse/Arduino IDE etc.
  • Onboard 1 channel 5V relay, output switch signal,
  • Suitable for controlling and controlling the working voltage to be within the load of AC 250V/DC30V.
  • Onboard power indicator,1 programmable LED and relay indicator.

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