Electric Actuator with Ball Valve for Hot Water Motorised valve DN20


DN20 micro electric ball valve 6-point electric two-way valve 3-6V

Metal gearbox and POM gear design, low noise, perform reliably .

Long service life: more than 100000 circles.

Electric limit and machinery limit design, located accurately, avoid gear run continuously. 

Mufti-angle assembling, easy to install.

Float ball structure, no leakage,especially suitable for heavy pollution conditions.


  • Heat energy meters, fire work, save water system.
  • Auto control system, industrial mini auto control equipment.
  • Water saving equipment, drinking water equipment.
  • Air-conditioning fan coin(HVAC).


  • Rated Voltage: DC3-6V
  • Working current: Max100mA
  • Output torque: Max2.0NM
  • Open/close time: <5s
  • Working pressure: Max1.0Mpa
  • Power: <3W
  • Medium temperature: 0-90℃
  • Control mode: CR01
  • IP Grade: IP65

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