Energy Meter TS-838


It is an energy meter with digital LCD display for appliances,

with basic functions:Clock,Voltage,Current,

Power factor,Operate time,

Power consumption display,

Overload alarm setting, Price setting,

Automatic calculation of electricity.

More working and setting details please refer to user manual.

Working voltage:AC230C 50HZ(Voltage range:190V-276V)

Maximum operating current:16A,

Minimum current:0.005A

With replaceable 1.5V button batteries 2PCS;

Key Description:

1."OK" button:Switch between 12 hours and 24 hours

2."H/+" key:Set overload warning.

3."M/-" key:time unit setting.

4."SET" key:function set(to be used in conjunction with other keys)


1 Time Setting:Press"SET"key and"H/+"."M/-"key to set the current time.

2.Overload Setting:Press "SET"key and "H/+"key to set the overload power.After setting,if electrical power higher than this setting,it will automatically alarm

3.Price Setting:Press "SET"key and "M/-"key to set the price(the price per kWh). After setting, energy meter will automatically calculate the total used charges.

4.Check Setting:Overload power, time and price setting and completed. Should be press"H/+" and "M/-" key to check the settings in line with the actual situation, if different, please reset and redo the above steps.


Package Includes:

    1 x TS-838 LCD Energy Meter Power Voltage Electric Current Test Power Metering Socket Plug

24 JD
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