L298 2A dual H Bridge Driver


The L298 is a DualFull Bridge driver that can drive up to 2Amps per bridge with supply voltage up to 46V. It can drive two DC motors or one stepper motorsrelayssolenoidsetc. The device is TTL compatible. Two H bridges of L298 can be connected in parallel to increase its current capacity to 4 Amp. It can be used in conjunction with stepper motor controller for driving one/two phase stepper motor. The device is available in 15- lead Multi watt package.

Operating supplyvoltage up to 46 volt.


  • It can drivebipolar stepper motor up to 2 Amps.
  • Bidirectionalcontrol of 2 DC motors up to 2 amps each.
  • By connecting two HBridges in parallel it can drive DC motor with current capacity of 4 Amps
  • Operating PWMfrequency range up to 20 KHz.
  • Current sensingoutput
  • Over temperatureprotection
  • Multi watt 15package


3.5 JD
In stock

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