LILYGO® TTGO T5 V2.3.1_2.13 Inch E-Paper Screen


LILYGO® TTGO T5 V2.3.1_2.13 Inch E-Paper Screen New Driver Chip

Based on the original version, the new version removes all LED, further reducing power consumption.

LILYGO® TTGO T5 V2.3.1_2.13 Inch E-Paper Screen New Driver Chip DEPG0213BN / GDEM0213B74 /GDEM0213B74
Due to the advantages like ultra low power consumption, wide viewing angle, clear display without electricity, it is an ideal choice for applications such as shelf label, industrial instrument, and so on.


  • Manufactured using new technology: DES, DES has the following
  • characteristics: Compared with other similar products, DES has higher contrast and better display effect.
  • (DES products are greater than 1:45, ordinary EPD products are less than 1:25)
  • Ultra-wide temperature working range: -20℃ ~ 60℃
  • (Working temperature range of conventional monochromatic electronic ink screen: 0℃-50℃, three-color working temperature 0℃-40℃,
  • ultra-low temperature working temperature: -25℃ ~ 25℃)
  • It can be used in the sun and cold environment.
  • No backlight, keeps displaying last content for a long time even when power down
  • Ultra low power consumption, basically power is only required for refreshing
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Arduino-esp32)


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI
  • Display color:  black, white
  • Grey level: 2
  • Full refresh time: 8s
  • Refresh power: 26.4mW(typ.)
  • Driver chip:SSD1680
  • Display Driver:DEPG0213BN/ GDEM0213B74 / GDEM0213B74
  • 2.13 inch/DES electronic paper/ultra wide temperature
  • This is a 2.13-inch DES electronic paper display (what is DES?), with a resolution of 212x104 and communication via SPI interface
  • The driver IC includes gate buffer, source buffer, time control logic, oscillator, DC-DC, SRAM, LUT, VCOM, and each panel provides a frame.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20℃ ~ 60℃.
  • Can be used in cold environment and sunlight, GDEW0213M21 is an excellent choice for shelf label, smart label, smart home application, industrial tool, smart card, outdoor equipment application.
  • Power consumption: ultra-low power consumption
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Use in the sun: support
  • Ultra-wide temperature -20 degrees use: support

Kit include:

1 X T5 V2.3.1_2.13 ESP-32 Module

1 X Power Cable (Jst 2pin 1.25mm)

2 X Pin


25 JD
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