LM35 Temperature Sensor (china)


The LM35 Temperature Sensor is an integrated circuit-based sensor that generates an analog voltage proportional to the temperature of the immediate surrounding area. It is commonly available in a TO-92 package just like a typical small-signal transistor.

Specificallythe LM35 outputs a voltage that is proportional to the temperature in degrees Celsius with 10 millivolts/°C.  Sofor exampleif output voltage is 300mVthe ambient temperature is 30°C. If output voltage is 500mVambient temperature is 50°Cand so on. The sensor output is guaranteed to be accurate within 0.5° of the actual temperature.

The LM35 temperature sensor does not require any external calibration or trimming. The LM35C is rated to operate at -40°C to +100 °C and the LM35D at 0°C to 100°C.

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