Light Intensity Illumination Module GY-302


GY-302 BH1750 Light Intensity Illumination Module

GY-302 Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module is a sensor module based on the BH1750 light sensor. BH1750 is a digital Ambient Light Sensor IC with an I2C bus interface. The module provides simple digital value via I2C so you don’t have to use any external components like AD converters.

Digital light intensity detection. 

Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations, calibration is omitted 

Does not distinguish between ambient light 
Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity 
Brightness can be a wide range of high-precision measurement lux


  • Model: GY-302 
  • Dimensions: 13.9mm X 18.5mm 
  • Original BH1750FVI chip using ROHM 
  • Power supply :3-5v 
  • Data range 0-65535 
  • Sensor built 16bitAD converter 
  • I2C Interface

Kit include:

we have two types of light sensor Modules GY-30GY-302


Datasheet (BH1750FVI-e)

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