MC-38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch


This sensor is essentially a reed switchencased in an ABS plastic shell. Normally the reed is \'open\' (no connection between the two wires). The other half is a magnet. When the magnet is less than 13mm (0.5") awaythe reed switch closes. They\'re often used to detect when a door or drawer is openwhich is why they have mounting tabs and screws. You can also pick up some double-sided foam tape from a hardware store to mount thesethat works well without needing screws.

 MC-38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch Home Alarm System(Normally closed: the magnet is close to the conduction, the magnet is off the circuit)


  • Box size (each side): 27mmx14mmx8.7mm (1inx0.55inx0.34in)
  • Cable Length: 25cm (10in)
  • Weight (per side): 5.2g (0.18oz)


  • Normally open reed switch
  • ABS enclosure
  • Rated current: 100 mA max
  • Rated voltage: 200 VDC max
  • Distance: 15mm max

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1 x MC-38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch

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