Magnetic Sensor Switch Normally Open Proximity Sensor / Reed Switch Aleph PS-3150


Normally Open Proximity Magnetic Sensor / Reed Switch Aleph PS-3150

100% brand new and high quality

  • Model: C PS-3150
  • Parameter Test Conditions Units
  • Features:
  • movement speed quickly
  • suitable for high operating frequency products
  • the contact resistance with a high anti-corrosion and wear resistance
  • long life, stable switching operation can be obtained
  • the control portion of the seal in the housing, is not affected by the external environment
  • Use: All controls can be used to detect magnetic switch: used in liquid level sensors, security alarm systems, proximity sensor, instrumentation, automotive electronics, magnetic switches, treadmills, odometer, and other control circuits
  • Operating Characteristics:
  • Scope of work AT10-30
  • Release range ATMin 5
  • Working time (maximum) (energized) ms1.0
  • Bounce time (maximum) (energized) ms1.5
  • Release time (maximum) (energized) ms1.0
  • Resonant frequency (typical) Hz4000 
  • Electrical Characteristics:
  • Switching power (maximum) W10
  • DC switching voltage (maximum) V220
  • AC switching voltage, RMS (maximum) V220
  • DC switching current (maximum) mA500
  • AC switching current, RMS (maximum) mA500
  • Breakdown Voltage (Minimum) V250
  • Contact Resistance (initial max) m W200
  • Contact Resistance (initial typ) m W100
  • Contact Capacitance (maximum) without test coil pF0.7
  • Insulation Resistance (Min) RH £ 45% M W103

Kit include:

1 x Aleph PS-3150 Magnetic Sensor Switch

5 JD
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