Milageto Full Metal 17 DOF 2 Foot Bipedal Walking Robot Bracket Kit with Servo Horn


- Robot height of about 40CM (standing leg is bent state), width 23CM. For hobbyists, robot competition, kids.
- 17DOF degrees of freedom. Among them, 1DOF of the head, 4DOF of the arm, 2DOF of the shoulder, 2DOF of the hip, 6DOF of the legs, 2DOF of the feet.
- Leg into oblique U bracket, U bracket than before long, more flexible, you can make more moves, squatting can be more stable.
- The robot you can mount 17 micro servos, robot lower body 10 joints and two shoulder best using 996R servos, other parts can 995 servos.
- Not assembled, Mount Kit only, Servo & Electronic Parts are NOT included.


  • Servo & Electronic Parts are NOT included

Kit include:

16 x Multi-functional servo bracket
7 x Short U-type servo bracket
4 x Long U-type servo bracket
4 x Oblique U-type servo bracket
4 x one-type servo bracket
4 x L-type servo bracket
1 x U-type robot waist bracket
2 x Foot Base
14 x Imported cup bearings
1 set of screws and nuts


79 JD
In stock

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