PH Digital Meter Pen


This digital pH meter pen is an ideal instrument for any aquarium, the fishing industry, swimming pools, school laboratories, food & beverage, etc. It is highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced 2-point auto calibration. Its pocket size is convenient for you to take it anywhere.

Big LCD screen with great waterproof performance let you easily read the displayed value. 2-point auto calibration, automatic identification of standard liquid, 5 seconds to complete calibration. Advanced Korean electrode. The sensitive sensor contacts directly with the tested solution, fast and accurate. Automatic temperature calibration. No worry about the effect of temperature change on pH, PH value will automatically adjust the temperature. Easy to use: just remove the protective cap and immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution and press the button to be measured.


the color of product blue


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Measuring Range: 0.00-14.00
  • Accuracy: 0.01
  • Resolution: 0.01
  • Operating Temperature: 0~80°C
  • Probe Type: Glass bulb electrode
  • Calibration Method: 2 Points automatic calibration
  • Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V Batteries(Not included)
  • Size: Approx. 155 * 29 * 16mm / 6.1 * 1.1 * 0.6inch
  • Package Weight: Approx. 88g

8.9 JD
11 JD
In stock

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