PPM Encoder Pixhawk Module


PWM To PPM Encoder Switcher For Pixracer Pixhawk PPZ MK MWC Pirate Flight Controller

The function of the PPM encoder is to encode the multi-channel PWM signal output by the receiver into a PPM composite signal output (up to 8 channels of PWM input) to connect the supported flight controllers in a single line.

In order to save port resources or layout restrictions, some flight controllers only allow PPM signals to be connected, which requires a PPM encoder. The PPM signal can also be used to directly connect the simulator dongle and receiver for wireless simulation training.

Flight controllers such as NAZE32/F3 cannot use the OneShot125 high-speed ESC drive mode using PWM mode. This module can support ultra-high speed drive!


  • Item name: PWM To PPM Encode Switcher
  • Usage: for Pixracer Pixhawk PPZ MK MWC Pirate Flight Controller
  • Weight: 9g

Kit include:

1 x PPM Encoder

1 x Contector

14 JD
In stock

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