Platinum (PT100) RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier - MAX31865


The MAX31865 is an easy-to-use resistance-to-digital converter optimized for platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). An external resistor sets the sensitivity for the RTD being used and a precision delta-sigma ADC converts the ratio of the RTD resistance to the reference resistance into digital form. The MAX31865's inputs are protected against overvoltage faults as large as ±45V.

For precision temperature sensing, nothing beats a Platinum RTD. Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes, basically a kind of thermistor. In this sensor, the resistor is actually a small strip of Platinum with a resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C, thus the name PT100

The MAX31865 handles all of your RTD needs, and can even compensate 3 or 4 wire RTDs for better accuracy. Connect to it with any microcontroller over SPI and read out the resistance ratio from the internal ADC. A 430Ω 0.1% resistor as a reference resistor on the breakout is used.

We even made the breakout 5V compliant, with a 3.3V regulator and level shifting, so you can use it with any for For Arduino or microcontroller.




● Integration Lowers System Cost, Simplifies Design Efforts, and Reduces Design Cycle Time

  • Simple Conversion of Platinum RTD Resistance to Digital Value
  • Handles 100Ω to 1kΩ (at 0°C) Platinum RTDs (PT100 to PT1000)
  • Compatible with 2-, 3-, and 4-Wire Sensor Connections
  • SPI-Compatible Interface
  • 20-Pin TQFN and SSOP Packages

● High Accuracy Facilitates Meeting Error Budgets

  • 15-Bit ADC Resolution; Nominal Temperature Resolution 0.03125NC (Varies Due to RTD Nonlinearity)
  • Total Accuracy Over All Operating Conditions: 0.5NC (0.05% of Full Scale) max
  • Fully Differential VREF Inputs
  • 21ms (max) Conversion Time

● Integrated Fault Detection Increases System Reliability

  • ±45V Input Protection
  • Fault Detection (Open RTD Element, RTD Shorted to Out-of-Range Voltage, or Short Across RTD Element)

This high-temperature PT100 sensor is equipped with an stainless steel shield that is good from -50°C to 280°C.


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