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FNIRSI-1C15 is a fully functional, practical and cost-effective handheld oscilloscope newly launched by FNIRSI. The real-time sampling rate is 500M, and the analog bandwidth is 110MHz. In addition to all the functions of a conventional handheld oscilloscope, we also added a one-key quick auto function on this basis, so you can easily grasp the waveform like a desktop computer. We have added 1k Hz self-test square wave for FNIRSI-1C15, and the storage depth has been upgraded to 12kpts. With reference to the waveform, you can pause at any time to save the previous frame waveform to the screen, and you can compare it with the currently refreshed waveform. Afterglow and scroll modes make it easier to detect and record waveforms. Built-in 3000mAH rechargeable battery, it can work continuously for more than 10 hours after fully charged. The body is equipped with a high-quality silicone sleeve, which is non-slip and anti-drop. The joystick replaces the original arrow keys, making the operation simpler and more effective.

Model : FNIRSI-1C15

Number of channels : 1

Screen size : 2.4 inches

Screen Resolution : 320*240

Analog bandwidth : 110M

Sampling Rate : 500M

1k Hz self-checking square wave: Stand by

Rise Time : <3ns

Storage depth : 12 Kpts

Time base range : 5ns-10s

Vertical sensitivity : 20mv/div-100v/div

Trigger mode : Auto/Normal

Trigger type : Rising/Falling

Display mode : YT/scroll

Afterglow time : None/1s/∞

Charging method : 5V/800mA

Voltage measurement range : ± 40v (x1 file);± 400v (x10 file)

Channel coupling : AC-DC

One-button automatic : Stand by

Waveform measurement : 14 types

Measurement accuracy : ±2%

Reference waveform : Stand by

Waveform save : Stand by

Frequency accuracy : ±0.01%

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Player Evaluation Section(Video from :Eletrônica e Tecnologia)

Player testing and evaluation (English) :

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Player Evaluation Section
(Video from :learnelectronics)
Player testing and evaluation (English) :

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Kit include:

1 * FNIRSI 1C15 oscilloscope

1 * P6100 High Voltage Probe

1 * Alligator Clip Probe

1 * Micro USB charging cable

1 * English User Manual

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