Red LED Dot Matrix Display Module (MAX7219)


The MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display driverit is connected to a microprocessor with 8-digit 7-segment digital LED display can also be connected to the bar graph display or 64 separate LED. On B BCD encoder including an on-chipmulti-channel scanning loop word drivebut also an 8 x 8 static RAM is used to store each data. Only one external register is used to set the current of each LED segment.

A convenient four-wire serial interface can connect all general-purpose microprocessor. Each data can be addressed in the update does not need to rewrite all the display. MAX7219 also allows the user to select on each data coding or non-coding. 

The entire device contains a 150μA low-power shutdown modeanalog and digital brightness controla scan-limit register allows the user to display the 1-8 bits of dataas well as a let all LED light detection mode.

Only need three IO ports can drive a dot-matrix! Dot-matrix displayflicker-free! Supports cascading!

This price is the price of the DIY kitnot a finished product prices!

Disclaimer: All components are brand newPCB board after all the test stand test to ensure the physical well-connected. The welded risk once weldingdo not accept returns. But can help customers free commissioningrepairreturn shipping costs borne by the customer!

Wiring instructions:

Module on the left as an input portoutput port on the right.

Control of a single modulesimply input port to the CPU

3 more modules cascade input termination module of a CPU2 output termination module input and output of the two modules is terminated with the input end of the first three modulesand so on. ..

51 MCUfor example:

  • VCC → 5V
  • GND → GND
  • DIN → P22
  • CS → P21
  • CLK → P20


  • 1.VCC and GND is not reversedit would burn the chip!
  • 2 the P0 port control 51 microcontroller must be connected to the pull-up resistorit is recommended that the resistance of 4.7K--10K
  • Please lattice first inserted into the round hole seatthen inserted into the round hole Block PCB board welding. Lattice word side facing the surface order from left to right pin 123456. PCB board 1 foot square pad!
  • 4 as cathode of the electrolytic capacitors long-leggedshort legs for the negative; ceramic capacitors without the positive and negative points.


  • A single module can drive an 8 * 8 common cathode lattice
  • module operating voltage: 5V
  • Module size: 5 cm in length X width 3.2 cm x 1.5 cm
  • with four screws holeaperture 3mmOur M3 Tongzhu fixed
  • modules with input and output interfacesupports multiple modules cascade

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