SUMO Cytron 4 Channel Motor Driver


4 Channel DC Motor Driver, FD04A is special designed to drive four DC brush motors. It can be used to drive more than two motors which is needed on Omni drive mobile robot. It offers low cost and easy to use DC motor driver capable of driving up 4 DC brush motor, and the current can goes up to 3-Ampere. With minimum interface the board is ready for driving motor with direction, start, stop and speed control.

  * Starting from 10th April 2015, FD04A is Rev2.0. Check the User's Manual for Rev2.0.
Improvement in Rev2.0:
  • Upgrade 80% of component to SMD and uses SMD method to produce, better reliability!
  • Smaller size.
  • Additional test/manual buttons for each channel for fast verification and manual control of motor.
  • Vmotor polarity protection.
  • 5V is more needed for operation.
  • Smaller toggle switch for ON and OFF.


  • industrial-grade PCB.

    • Vmotor: 7 to 25VDC.
    • Each component is soldered properly and tested.
    • Able to drive 4 DC motor at 2.5A (peak), 1.5A continuously.
    • Protection against over current.
    • Bi-directional control for 4 DC motors.
    • 2 LEDs as direction indicator for each motor.
    • 1 LED as power indicator.
    • Pluggable connector for more user friendly design.
    • Fully compatible with Cytron DIY project, Flexibot – Using Transwheel (PR19).
    • Dimension:12.4cm x 5.3cm (Rev1.0), 10.67cm x 5.21cm (rev2.0)

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