SUMO JS7444 Aluminum-Silicone Wheel Pair (74mm Diameter)


Newly designed and manufactured, these beautifully machined aluminum hubs come with a generously strong silicone tire for maximum traction (ideal for middle to big robots: E.g. sumo robots, explorer robots).

Size77mm diameter - 44 mm width (Silicone width 40mm)
Weight229 Grams (Each)
Shore A Hardness20 Shore
Center Hole Diameter 6 mm
Setscrew Hole?Yes, M5 Tapped

What is Included?

  • Wheels x 2
  • M4 Setscrews x 2
  • Allen Wrench

Perfect surface quality with super high traction. 

Which projects are suitable for?
  • Combat Robots
  • FRC Robots
  • General Robot Projects

40 JD
44 JD
In stock

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