Tarot ZYX-M Multi rotor flight control


Tarot ZYX-M Flight Controller for multi-copter

Note:  There is no manual or software included in the box. Please downlaod it from www.tarotrc.com . Check RCGroups forums for user reviews and helpful tips.

The revolutionary flight controller

With multiple new technologiesTarot ZYX-M simplifies all complicated operation and brings you easy and natural flight experiences. To upgrade the flight featuresZYX-M is equipped with smart computing and navigation control systems. Pilots can adjust tiltrolland pan axis through setup software according to different preferences. Furthermoreit supports fail safe and voice alarmincluding range setting and no-fly zone alarm. ZYX-M keeps the multi-copter under control during flights.

Main controller:

  • 32 bit processor
  • Built-in anti-vibration sensor
  • Full metal case
  • Supports dual S-BUS receiver
  • Supports dual DSM satellite receiver
  • Specific Interface for TAROT gimbal control

GPS module:

  • Highly efficient GPS receiver
  • High gain antenna
  • Fast and accurate locating

PMU module:

  • Dual power output
  • Supports power output to flight controllergimbaland video TX in the same time
  • Integrated voltage test
  • Low voltage alarm

LED indicator:

  • Indicates the multi-copter status in real-time
  • Standard accessory: USB module

Accurate speed control under GPS mode:

  • Under GPS flight modethe flight speed is proportionally equal to joystick movementand the level speed is proportionally equal to throttle stick movement.

Failsafeone key go-homeIOC(Intelligent Orientation Control)POI(Point of Interest):

  • If the multi-copter lost the signalit can return to launch and land. When the signal works normallypilot can pull and switch and activate one key go-home.

Smart retractable landing gear:

Once activate the featurethe landing gear will automatically extend in emergency case (ex: auto-landing). Pilot can control the landing gear through radio transmitter after flight height exceeds 5 meters.

Flight range programmable and no-fly zone protect:

  • Under GPS flight modethe multi-copter will fly inside the setting range only. Under other flight modeonce the multi-copter fly outside the setting rangethe auto return-to-launch will be activated. In places near airport and no-fly zonethe flying height and range are restricted.
  • For Hex or above copterswhen one of the motor or prop doesn’t workthe multi-copter will fly normally.

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