Through-Type Linear Screw Stepper Motor Lead 8mm Screw Length 200mm 42hd2401nk/8


Nema 17 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor 48mm Stack 1.68A Lead 8mm/ 0.31496Inch Lead Screw Length 200mm

Motor Type: Non Captive Linear Stepper

Step Angle: 1.8 deg

Holding Torque: 44Ncm(

Rated Current/phase: 1.68A

Phase Resistance: 1.65ohms

Voltage: 2.8V

Inductance: 3mH ± 20%(1KHz)

Physical Specification:

Frame Size: 42 x 42mm

Body Length: 48mm

Lead Screw Length: 200mm(7.874")

Lead Screw Diameter: 8mm(0.315")

Lead /Step: 0.04mm(0.0015748" )

Lead/Revolution: 8mm(0.315")

Number of Leads: 4

Lead Length: 400mm

Weight : 400g

Kit include:

1 X 

34 JD
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