U-BLOX NEO-7 MMini GPS Module With Serial TTL RS232


MIni GPS Module Board With TTL RS232

Item Name: GPS Module

PositionaI Accuracy: 2.5mCEP (SBAS:2.0mCEP)

Update rate: Max 10 Hz(default 1Hz)

Capture time: Cold start: 27S(Max),Hot Start:1S

Capture tracking sensitivity: -162dBm

Oscillator: TCXO (+/-0.5PPM)

Communication protocol: NMEA(default)/UBX Binary

Serial communication baud rate: 9600

Operating temperature: -40℃-85℃

Operating Voltage: 2.7V-5.0V(VCC pin input)

Operating Current: 35mA

TXD/RXD impedance: 510 Ω

Characteristics of interfaces: TTL level compatible with 3.3V/5V SCM system

Receiving characteristics: 56 channel,GPS L1(1575.42Mhz) C/A code,SBAS:WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS


TTL-level compatible with 3.3V/5V SCM system

The default is 9600 baud, you can modify the u-center

Comes IPX interface, you can connect a variety of active antenna

Built-in rechargeable backup battery that can power down to save ephemeris data to achieve hot start

Built-in EEPROM, save the configuration information

Instructions for use: (to access the MCU for example)

VCC: pick 3.3V/5V

GND: GND connection

TXD: pick MCU.RX

RXD: pick MCU.TX

PPS: pick MCU.IO clock pulse output (optional connection)

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