Vibration Sensor Module for Car XH2.54MM 3P car alarm KF2510


Buzzer is this product USES and contact spring vibration sensing system, has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast, and high performance. Internal spring heavy hammer structure with piezoelectric ceramic chip testing vibration signal, and through operational amplifier LM358 and output control signal, low cost, high sensitivity, stable and reliable work, the vibration test the advantages of wide adjustable range, is widely applied to steam, motorcycles, car anti-theft system, currently 80% of the vehicles used this kind of sensor, alarm sensor internal use SMT technology, imported components assembly, sensors can also be with single-chip computer, the wireless transmitting module, wired alarm, etc., are widely used in car alarm and other security products, be the first choice of the modern security of low cost, practical products.


  •  long size: 60 mm X 40 mm wide X 21 mm (with the ear plate)
  •  the main chip: LM358, vibration detecting element
  • working voltage: DC 5-15 v
  • a signal output indicator light indicator;
  • single-channel signal output, the output delay 1 s vibration signal was detected in
  • the output valid signal for low level can be controller by singlechip
  • install hole, easy installation, flexible;
  • vibration detection sensitivity can be adjusted;
  • circuit board output pin length is 1 m, with standard 2.54 3 pin socket, convenient connection.

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