Voltage Signal Converter 0 -10V to 0-10V HCNR201 Isolated Signal Transform Module


    0 - 10V to 0 - 10V Voltage Signal Converter HCNR201 Isolated Signal Transform Module

    • It is a 0-10V to 0-10V Voltage Converter.
    • It can isolate the input and output voltages and avoid internal and external circuits from interfering with each other and causing abnormalities.


      1. Product Name:0-10V to 0-10V Voltage Converter
      2. Input Working Voltage: DC 24V
      3. Output Working Voltage: DC 24V
      4. Input Signal Voltage:0-10V
      5. Output Signal Voltage:0-10V (Same to input signal voltage)
      6. Control IC: HCNR201
      7. Working Temperature range:-20℃~85℃
      8. Working Humidity Range:5%-100%RH
      9. Module Size:72*28*21mm


      1. PLC industrial controller
      2. Circuit safety protection equipment
      3. Factory circuit design


      1. Input and output working voltage must be isolated, otherwise the isolation function will lose its function.
      2. Please read use manual and description before use.


      1. Isolate input and output signals.
      2. Independent input and output power supply.
      3. Power reverse connection protection.

      Kit include:

      1 x  0-10V to 0-10V Voltage Converter

      12 JD
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