ZCE04B 4-in-1 Industrial Gas Detection Module


Winsen ZCE04B 4-in-1 Industrial Gas Detection Module CO, H2S, O2 and CH4 Gas Detection Good Stability & Fast Response


The 4-in-1 detection module ZCE04B is mainly aimed at various places where ambient gas detection is required. The product contains four gas sensors (expandable for CO, H2S, O2 and CH4 gases) and a signal processing circuit board. The module has good selectivity and stability. The module can output the current concentration values of the four gases in real time through the digital serial port output. It can be used in handheld devices or fixed devices to detect the current concentration of ambient gas. This module is a general-purpose miniaturized product that closely combines mature sensor detection technology and sophisticated circuit design.

Main Application:

It can be used in the environment of factory gas leakage, underground operation, tunnel detection, coal mine detection and so on. It can be worn by human body or hand-held into the detection place, or it can be used in fixed place to detect the current environmental gas concentration and remind personnel to be safe.

Technical Parameters:

  • Model no:
    • ZCE04B
  • Detection Gas:
    • CO: 0-1000ppm
    • H2S: 0-100ppm
    • O2: 0-30%vol
    • CH4: 0-100%LEL
  • Resolution:
    • CO: 1ppm
    • H2S: 1ppm
    • O2: 0.1%vol
    • CH4:1%LEL
  • Working voltage:
    • 3.5-5V
  • Working current:
    • <100mA
  • Response time:
    • <30s
  • Output way:
    • UART (2.8V level)
  • Working conditions:
    • -20~50℃,15~90%RH
  • Storage temperature:
    • 0~20℃(recommended)
  • Expected lifespan:
    • 2 year(in clean air)


  • High integration, small size, Good stability and fast response
  • Real-time serial port output concentration, easy to use.

Kit include:

1 x ZCE04B 4-in-1 Industrial Gas Detection Module

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187 JD 100+ units

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