2 Channel PWM Adjustable Frequency Signal Generator Module


Digital 2 Channel PWM Square Wave Pulse Signal Generator Adjustable Frequency Duty Cycle 100% 1Hz - 150KHz Module

This 2-channel PWM pulse / square wave generator provides two pulse / square wave outputs with independent control over each channel's duty cycle and frequency using the LED display and set/up/down buttons. It can also be programmed through its serial RS-232 interface.

Applications include:

  • A square wave generator to generate square wave signals for experimentation and control
  • Driving stepper motors
  • Generating adjustable pulses for microcontroller use
  • Generating adjustable pulses for PWM control of lighting and LEDs


Operating Voltage: 5-30V, supports Micro USB 5V input power

Frequency Range: 1Hz - 150KHz

Frequency Precision: 2%

Output Signal Capacity: Up to 30mA output current

Output Voltage: Same as input voltage, or can be independently varied from 5V to 30V with an external power supply input

Ambient Operating Temperature: -30C to 70C

Operating Parameter Settings:

The module has 3 control buttons: Set, Up, and Down

Short pressing the SET key will step the display through the 4 operating parameter values:

   FR1: PWM1 frequency

   dU1: PWM1 duty cycle

   FR2: PWM2 frequency

   dU2: PWM2 duty cycle

Duty cycle can be set from 1% to 100% in 1% increments.

Kit include:

1 x 2-Channel 5V PWM Pulse Square Wave Generator Module



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