DC Motor PWM Universal PWM Stepless Speed Regulator Switch, Governor


Potentiometer you can adjust power supply output 1.6 mm FR4 double-sided circuit board, perfectly working High efficiency, small heating, widely used in the industrial production The board can control motor speed to change between 0% to 100% With Power supply reverse polarity protection, voltage overvoltage Protection, 20A fuse; It can be used by PLC voltage Directly control

Size: 6V to 90V 15A Promise changes from 0% to 100% of the original, the technology is extremely advanced, high-efficiency, large torque governor can control the motor speed, small heat, has been repeatedly revised, has been widely stable applications in industrial production

Technical indicators: (1)

Operating voltage: DC6V-DC90V

(wide operating voltage tough enough ) (2) control power: 0.01 -1000W (maximum current of 15A) (3) quiescent current: 0.005A (standby) (standby current of 5 mA tough enough ) (4)

PWM duty cycle: 0% -100% (5)

PWM frequency: 15khz

(6) control voltage: 0-5V (voltage control type, can use the PLC directly control the speed of the motor) Its own power supply reverse polarity protection, control voltage over-voltage protection, 20A fast-blow ceramic fuse. PLC voltage can be directly controlled packing including: 1x motor speed regulation

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