FPGA Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144


1) Cyclone Core: EP2C5T144

2) EPCS4 configuration chip

3) configuration mode: JTAG and AS

4) The board of the active core clock 50Mhz

5) 8-bit LED light-emitting diodes

6) Block-board RS232 serial port, through the MAX3232 is converted to 232 level can be connected directly to the computer serial port

7) 8-bit LED digital tube

8) buzzer

9) 4 separate buttons

10) a total of two PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface

11) LCD1602 interfaces

12) AT24C04 IIC Interface

13) 3bit VGA interface

14) 104mm*138.5mm

15) Onboard 2A resettable fuse can prevent over-current device to protect the board

16) 2.54mm double needle raises 1602 LCD's IO pins (a total of 12, sharing the same 1602LCD IO pin)

17) Onboard 1M bit SRAM (Model CY7C1019VC33)

18) offers two power supply, on-board power supply selector switch:

USB power supply

5V DC external power supply

Kit include:

  • 1 x FPGA Altera Cyclone EP2C5T144 Devlopment Board
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • English version datasheet (for downloading)


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