K-CUT B0505S-1WDC-DC 5 to 5V Isolated Power Module


It is of high power density, high efficiency, high-reliability, small size and lightweight.
It can isolate unsteady single-way voltage output.
Low ripple coefficient and low static current can promote your work efficiently.
Applicable to distributed power supply system and the circuit that is powered by a small power source.Such as industrial control industry,
instrumentation industry, intelligent transmitter, sensor, network communication equipment and other fields.

Current Conversion: DC to DC
Output voltage:DC 5V
Output Current:20~200mA
Reflected Ripple Current:20mA
The Maximum Capacitive Load:220μF
Input voltage 4.5-5.5V
Rated Output Power: 1W
Color: Black
Package includes:
1 x Power Supply Module

5 JD
In stock

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