Mini Air Humidifier Mist Maker USB Atomizer Atomization Piece and PCB Module


  • Super fine spray particles, super large amount of atomization, non - wet desktop.
  • Low driving voltage, low power, low impedance, stable waveform, high conversion efficiency.
  • Circuit board using electronic components, environmental protection.
  • Spray in the middle of the atomization piece, 5um ultra-fine spray aperture, 740 ultra-dense spray hole number.
  • Built-in protection program, automatically cut off the power after three hours, re-plug the power can be resumed.


  • Voltage: DV 5V
  • Current: 300mA
  • Power: 2W
  • Frequency: 108KHz
  • Number of holes: 740
  • Aperture: 5um
  • Materials: plastic + silicon + electronic components
  • Size: app.5x8.5cm/1.97x3.35in
  • Color: As pictures shown
  • Quantity: 1pc

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